CD Press Luxembourg disposes of an automatic production line to duplicate CD-Rs / DVD-Rs or BD-Rs (Blu-ray Discs) in small quantities on site starting at one copy, which allows a delivery time of only 3-4 working days in standard and 1 working day in express delivery. CD Press Luxembourg burns and prints discs from 1 to an infinite number of copies. Although, we suggest to chose the pressing system starting at 400 copies on. Our production capacity on site is approximately 10.000 CD-Rs and 3.000 DVD-Rs a day. We also have our own digital printing department to ensure a quick delivery of covers and booklets and additional printing stuff like posters, flyers, brochures etc.

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Express Service

Do you have a last-minute urgency? We can help you out with our express service. We print, burn and pack your CD-Rs /DVD-Rs within 24 hours. Our capacity goes up to 10.000 CDs and 3.000 DVDs a day.