Special Formats

For all promotional needs, CD Press Luxembourg offers you a wide range of special formats which will attract the attention of your clients. These products are made in the pressing company and the delivery time is 10 workdays.

8cm: Apart from the standard 12cm CD, there is the option of the 8cm mini-CDs / DVDs which are particularly usefull for promotional needs and publicity and add a personal touch. Memory capacity: 210 Mb.

Special Shape: In order to really stand out of the crowd, we give you the possibility to determine the shape of your CD. These so-called «shaped» CDs are so unique that they will surely impress your potential customers. Just play with your imagination, adapt the shape of a CD to the shape of your company logo, virtually anything is possible. The shaped CDs are tested so they fit into any standard drive. Attention: these discs will only work for players with insertion tray!

Business-Card: This format is possible for all formats, CD, DVD and BD. With the card-format, rectangular or square, and an individually printed label, you can easily attract the attention of your clients. Memory capacity: 30Mb to 80Mb.

Ticket-CD: An inventive ticket with the possibility to copy data onto it. These rectangular Ticket-CDs can be use for example for conferences as invitation and then as entrance ticket and name badge, since they can be printed individually. Or this special ticket can be used as entrance ticket to a concert containing songs and so on. This Ticket-CD allows your invites to go home with more than just a ticket stub.

Colored Discs: We can produce CDs/DVDs with a colored underside. The side on which the information is pressed can be green, yellow, orange, blue etc. without any loss of quality. Coloured discs are an eyecatcher and are suited to make your product stand out and give it an individual touch.

Vinyl Look: a fully fuctional CD with standard capacity and compatibility but in vinyl record look. A smaller label and grooves printed on the CD surface, make it look like a real vinyl. The standard color of the whole CD is black, but the vinyl look can also be produced in red.

Please note that the vinyl look ist exclusively for CDs and also that they are standard CD-format.

Holo Disc: We offer you the possibility to provide DVDs with holographic patterns. The holographic effects are integrated into the DVDs surface. It's a very unique look, perfect for advertising purposes. In addition to the look, the holographic pattern  can be a forgery-proof authenticity feature and provides protection against product piracy. 

Please note that for the time being, only DVDs can be produced with the holographic effect.