JakeBox is a new, eco-friendly, patented and award-winning Swedish packaging concept for CD, DVD and other discs. Its most significant characteristic is the folded “claw” that holds the disc and unfolds itself in an eye-catching way, elevating and presenting the disc, making it easily accessible and giving it a sense of added value and importance. The JakeBox package is made of FSC approved carton board and weighs 70% less than traditional plastic packages, thereby cutting shipping and storage costs by half. It’s available in a full range of size, print, varnish and finishing with or without booklet and with or whithout window, offering almost unlimited possibilities for creative graphic design.

  • Dimensions: CD 140 x 125 mm. / DVD 140 x 180 mm.
  • Availability: 3-4 workdays for standard JakeBox
  • Printed matters: Booklet, covercard, JakeBox

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